Tehran Beautification Organization Has Achieved a Professional Place in the Field of Advertisement and Introducing Concepts and Meanings

According to public relations and international affairs of TBO, Seyyed Masoud Shoja’ee Tabatabaii appreciated the Beautification Organization, Endowment, and Hazret Fatimah (sa) Holy Shrine’s efforts, and he said: The creation of Dahe Keramat campaign is good and valuable; because this event is being held by the help of some organizations.

He emphasized on the fact that this campaign avoids individuality and supports the cooperation of the different organizations. He also said: When the artworks are only limited to galleries  and indoor places, these places become like grave yards of the artworks; because only special kind of people go to see them, and then they are soon forgotten.

He mentioned that holding cultural and artistic campaigns by the Beautification Organization has caused the society to move toward good and valuable traditions. He said: Today we can see great artworks in the urban spaces, like “ A Gallery As Big As a City” event, and the events like this which became known to the world.  

Shoja’ee also said: Some other influential events and campaigns were held by TBO which is admirable.

This university professor pointed to the process of the advertisement campaign workshop, which is called “Lets Be Happy!”, and said: This campaign is being held alongside with Dahe Keramat which is a valuable and pleasant event. He mentioned that the subject of Dahe Keramat and Imam Reza’s quotes have been neglected in advertisement field for a long time, and he said: Fortunately, with the help of TBO, this is happening today and it is receiving positive evaluations and feedbacks in urban spaces.

Shoja’ee Tabatabaii said: There will be good results due to the holding of this campaign, because the presence of the graphic designers and professional caricaturists and other experts in this workshop, and their professional comments on this campaign will be very helpful and important for the society and the campaign.

He mentioned that Dahe Keramat is a dear and valuable event, and he said: This event carries religious happiness with itself, and it begins on Hazret Fatimah’s birthday and ends on Imam Reza’s birthday. This is a great honor for all Iranian people to have these two honorable and noble people in Iran.

According to this university professor, some useful activities have been done in this campaign, and some concepts, quotes, and meanings were selected for the participants. They began working with an appropriate background.

He emphasized on the fact that today Tehran Beautification Organization has achieved a professional place in the field of advertisement and introducing facts and concepts, which is unique and admirable. He said: In these workshops the participants were faced with some concepts which they could work well with them.

He said: We are glad to see the working process is going well, and we know that we will be seeing some great and valuable works in the fields of caricature and graphic designing.

Shoja’ee pointed to the procedure of the workshop, and said: Usually, on the first days, the work is done with the initial methods, and this procedure is different in the field of caricature, because they start working the moment they think of an idea, but in graphic designing field this is different, that is why we have set some rules for sending and making the artworks.

He mentioned that they receive only five artworks from each participants, and he said: In this workshop, some artists work individually and some work in groups, and they put their ideas into practice when they decide about them. Fortunately, we got good results and artworks by the participants, and we will surely have a very good feedback in this field.

Shoja’ee said: Fortunately, the participants in these workshops received good results in the field of caricature, and we are sure that it will be influential.

He called caricature as a common language for all the people, and he said: This art is involved with humor and this helps pleasant things happen in the society; but what is more pleasant than putting religious concepts into practice, and present them to the society.

He said: Most people assume that caricature should have a critical and revealing outlook while it can sometimes be delicate and poetic.

There are different types of caricature, sometimes it should be critical and sometimes it should be delicate.

Shoja’ee said: The caricaturists have gathered from around the country to work here in the workshops, and this has caused the caricaturists to get well-known by the society. These artists could prove themselves; also there are skillful caricaturists, and we are sure we will have good results this year.

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