Children Are Not Officially Known in Tehran City/ Tehran Is Not a City for Children

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Ahmad Masjed Jame’ee, the member of Tehran Islamic Parliament in the Third National Urban Furniture Festival on the subject of children (Creative Zone), which was held in Book Garden of Tehran, mentioned that Creative Zone lacked a place for children and teenagers. He said: I thank Dr. Alizadeh, the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, for holding this festival.

He explained that they have improved this festival well in the field of children poetry, book, and illustration, and he also said: Right now, there are better places for writers of children and teenagers' books in the country than before. We have many illustrators in the field of children and teenagers now which has been a turning point in children book.

The member of the Islamic Parliament of Tehran said: Children book has a special place in this contest now, and children book publishers are one of the first professional publishers in the country after the public publishers.

Masjed Jame’ee mentioned that women are the best illustrators of children book now, and he said: We had had some improvement in the field of poetry and stories in the past few years, but we still needed industrial designing having shapes, forms, and color.

He pointed to the fact that the city lacks professional places for children, and he said: If you go to children book stores, you can still feel the lack of industrial designing for children there, and if you go to Shahrak-e-Qarb you can see there is no urban furniture for children there.

The member of Islamic parliament of Tehran emphasized that Tehran needs to turn into a better city for children. He said: Right now, the urban furniture designs mostly belong to adults, but the presented artworks are childish in a way, and that means the children are not officially known in the city.

Masjed Jame’ee said: This city is designed for healthy people, adults, and young people, because we cannot even see places for children to drink water, or seats designed especially for children. This means that there is no place for children in these places.

He also said: Turning the lights on and off sounds natural to us now but when they were designing switch lights, they did not consider children at all just like the way the city was designed.

The member of Islamic Parliament said: In the past children used their creativity and participated in playing and educational fields more than now. We used to learn how to plant trees, flowers, and etc. But these days, they do not let children to learn things.

He also said: It is good to let children plant flowers in the local parks rather than letting a tired person come from a far place and do it. The children can be influential in life, participations, exploitations, and cost reduction in the city, and that is why urban management should take it into consideration.

Masjed Jame’ee said: We had this opportunity to have gardens and trees in our yards in the past, but the life today does not allow children to have them, and that is why the city should be replaced with apartments. These days, they do not even consider children in architecture. They design places for vehicles in the residential places but they do not design appropriate places for children there.

He said: The gaps existing in the city made urban management work harder, because what homes used to provide for children before is the job of the city to provide it for them now. If there are no gardens, the local parks should be replaced with them.

He mentioned that Beautification Organization took this matter into consideration, and he said: We need to pay enough attention to the children of our city.

He also said: There has been a report from Qazvin indicating that the most assuring places for children are houses and local parks and the most dangerous places for them are the main streets and hospitals.

Majed Jame’ee said: We need to see the city with children, and we need to provide a condition for them to feel safe and peaceful in the city, because if they do not feel so, they will be feeling insecure throughout their lives.

He also said: The education system and other organizations should support children books and illustrators.

The member of Islamic parliament said: I am sure that Dr. Mousavi and his colleagues will organize a place for people to work in industrial designing for children where there is color and volume.

In the end Masjed Jame’ee said: We hope that we will be having children loving cities in the future. We can turn the existing places into safe ones for the children and return children’s laughter, creativity, and playing back to the bitter and grey city. The children can make this city more attractive and lively, and this is where the artists can be effectual and we, as the urban managers, can help this process to go forward.

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