Tehran Has Inadequacies in the Field of Children

Based on the report of public relations of Tehran Beautification Organization, Isa Alizadeh, the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, in The Third National Urban Furniture Festival on the subject of children (Creative Zone), which was held today at Tehran Book Garden, mentioned that based on the regulations of the organization, the main duty of this organization is to improve the quality of Tehran appearance. He said: Obviously, we have considered all aspects of all actions related to city’s appearance.

He mentioned that they were always supportive of their audiences' ideas, and he also said: Tehran municipality was a kind of sponsor and coordinator of the past three festivals.

The CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization mentioned that The First National Urban Furniture Festival was only about benches, and he said: The artworks presented in the first festival were really good.

Alizadeh also said: We have studied the damages for the next period in the policy making council in a way that in 2015 most of the organization’s activities were concentrated on the historical context field, and we held the Creative Zone Festival with historical furniture approach. The artworks of this festival were also admirable and some of them were used around the city, and in District 12.

He declared that he believes Tehran City belongs to all classes of the society, and he said: Our friends in policy making council have decided to choose children as the subject of this period of festival since there are inadequacies in this field in Tehran.

The CEO of the Beautification Organization said: When I was in the policy making council meetings, we talked about so many different subjects, because this organization attempted to focus on this program and it could achieve some great goals in this field.

Alizadeh also said: I hope that this program will also be continued in the following years, and we will focus on beauty and creativity as the main goal of it, because these two elements can create good artworks when they are next to each other.

He said: Some people suggested us to hold these festivals internationally, and we are working on that in TBO.

The CEO of the Beautification Organization said: This organization is going to publish the projects which have been done during the last three years.

Alizadeh pointed to Urban Furniture Festival and said: The fact about this furniture is that even if nobody uses them, they can still function as urban elements.

He said: I appreciate all the judges and other people’s effort who attended this festival. 

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