The Creative Zone Festival Flourishes Ideas

The secretary of "The Creative Zone Festival" said: This festival is dynamic and creative and I thank everybody who insisted on this idea, and suggested it to The Beautification Organization.

Mohammad Aba’ee, the secretary of “The Creative Zone Festival" mentioned, in the ceremony of urban furniture on the subject of the children, that 272 people participated in this festival. He also said: We should thank all the people who sent their artworks to this festival, and we are grateful that this year we are part of this valuable movement.

He said: I also thank all the previous authorities of the Beautification Organization who have always supported our ideas, and allowed us to flourish them and hold the festival.

Aba’ee said: I thank all the deputies of the Beautification Organization, the head of the public relations, who has supported us in making decisions about this festival, and helped us doing this project. I also appreciate the efforts of all the experts who did me a favor and attended the Committee as advisors, and conducted us about the related matters to the festival.

He also said: I thank all the pioneers who judged this festival impartially based on some standards. We had these standards in each period, and we have uploaded these standards on this channel so that everybody can see them.

The third secretary of “The National Creative Zone Festival” said: We have arranged the form of the third period so that the judges can decide impartially  about the designs. The judges decided about 272 participants who have sent 3 designs each, which made about 800 to 900 designs in total. 50 participants were selected, and then based on the judges’ decision, 25 maquettes from 20 participants were also selected. Two participants refused to make the real model, and 18 designs in D2 Zone remained as the final designs.

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