Tehran Needs Some Spaces for Improving Families’ Relationship with Their Children

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Seyyed Reza Lahiji, the member of the jury of Third National Creative Zone Festival, wished for more cultural events like this festival. He also said: It is natural that each festival makes an important influence in promoting the culture and art of a society. This is also very good that such events are supported by Beautification Organization, but I believe that there still should be more events held like Creative Zone Festival.

This member of Creative Zone Festival jury pointed to the choice of the subject of “A Loving City for Children” in this period, and he said: In my opinion, we have a lot of problems when it comes to children matter, because our city is not made properly for them and it is very polluted and dangerous for them.

Hosseini Lahiji said: The city is designed in a way that it is not ready for accepting children, therefore we need to work on this matter. 17 deputy mayors should all work together to make the city a better place for children because the Beautification Organization obviously cannot make this change alone.

He called the presence of children and teenagers in the city as an important factor in making it lively and happy. He said: The presence of children and teenagers is possible only when there are proper facilities in the city for them. Therefore, it is necessary that we do some positive implementations about this matter like other countries and international organizations like UNICEF and United Nations.

He also said: The main purpose of this festival is that we can design some spaces in different neighborhoods with the priority of city furniture so that the city will be a proper place for children’s wills and playfulness.

Hosseini Lahiji said: I believe that for making “A Loving City for Children”, we need 10 years of working to make our ideas about children’s relationship with each other and the adults real in the city.

He pointed to the important role of childhood in creating one’s personality, and he said: We all remember our grandfathers and grandmothers’ memories and stories, therefore we need to try to make some spaces like what we had in the past so that the children and adults can relate with each other and transfer Iranians’ emotions, love, and peace to the next generation.

This member of the festival jury said: Unfortunately, we could not relate to our children like we used to do in the past, thus, we need to do some research on this fact to create a proper space to relate to them, because everything about children starts from today and that is why it is important that we can make some places for children in the city, where they can express their love to their families, and play.

Hosseini Lahiji emphasized: The childhood memories are one of the sweetest parts of each person’s life, therefore it is necessary to take some actions and improve the quality of people’s lives in the city.

He also said: I think that the city furniture should be expanded and we should rely on the experts in this field so that they can work limitlessly in the city. Because these days in Tehran we need to work on this field more than any other times and that is why I believe that turning this sections into a deputy section is a need for growth and improvement in the society.

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