Tehran Beautification Organization’s implementations for the 28th anniversary of the death of Islamic Revolution’s founder

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, since the anniversary of the death of the Islamic Revolution’s founder is in Ramadhan this year, a great number of pilgrims will be expected at the time of Iftar to Sehr, and the preparations have been made du to this fact.

Setting up 50,000  square meters of tents for the pilgrims, is one of TBO’s implementations for this event. 10,000 square meters of these tents will be used as VIP, and the rest 40,000 square meters of them will be used by the public.

Preparing air conditioners, lights, carpets, and bathrooms are also the other implementations for this event.

Due to the importance of cultural advertisements, 20000 square meters of environmental advertisements in the forms of 50 billboards, 115 decks, and 100 urban portables were placed on the way to Imam Khomeini’s shrine. The beautification and preparation of the highways leading to shrine (Azadegan and Shahid Navab Highways), providing three television sets for the shrine building, and completing the project of making stalls in all areas were the other projects done by Tehran Beautification Organization for this event.

Moreover, preparing “Peace be on you, Rohollah Khomeini” flags and fluttering them in each area, installing posters with the designs related to this event all over Tehran, and sending designs related to Imam Khomeini’s death to all advertising and commercial companies, providing welcome banners for the pilgrims on the entrances of  Tehran City, and placing banners for guiding the pilgrims in the shrine area were the other actions taken by Tehran Beautification Organization for the 28th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’ death  for his followers, lovers, and pilgrims. 

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