María Blan Romero: Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium has a good management team

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, María Blan Romero, the critic, theorist, and the art manager, who has written her doctorate thesis on symposiums, has been selected as Tehran’s Eighth International Sculpture Symposium judge and she has traveled to Tehran. She said: I have written my doctorate thesis on Symposiums and I have studied several symposiums for that. I have always written down the negative and positive points of different symposiums in the world, and I follow them as an art critic.

María Blan Romero, who has visited Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium three years ago, said about her evaluation of the Eighth period of this event: Tehran’s Symposium has been developed and its positive points are more than three years ago. However, its development and change did not happen suddenly but they happened remarkably and logically.

Romero called these positive changes as the result of a good management team, and she said: These logical changes which have been formed in Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium is because of its good management. The important point is that all the executives of this event are sculptors/sculptresses or artists, and this caused the artists, who participate in this symposium, to solve their problems in a better way.

She also said: The other good thing is the quality and the choice of the materials for this symposium, and also the selection of the symposium artists; because if you look at the different symposiums in the world, most of them are formed on the basis of friendship, and that is why the number of the artists, who attend in these symposiums, are limited and they are mostly present in most of the other symposiums. But, Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium attempted not only to create a friendly environment but also it has attempted to study the artists’ work with principal, and then select them. That is why we see new faces in each period of this symposium.

This art critic said: This professional event made Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium more didactic, and I am happy to be in Tehran’s Eighth International Sculpture Symposium, and to see the sculptors/sculptresses, who were in student section last year, are now in professional artist section this year.

The member of the jury section of Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium called the university student section as remarkable, and she said: The educational and artistic field which Tehran’s Symposium has defined for itself, is really notable. I have not seen this aspect in any other symposiums in the world. Because in the other symposiums, they mostly select university students as the assistants of the professional artists, and they do not give this opportunity to them to create an artwork. Tehran’s Symposium’s approach in this field has caused the university students to not only gain experience theoretically but also they learn how to process their ideas. The result of this approach is that the art students of the previous periods are now working in the professional artists’ section.

María Blan Romero said about her judging of the artworks in this symposium: Processing the idea, concept, and artists’ technique are all important for me. Because I do not see them separately and they always work together. The artist’s thought and how he/she feels, and what technique she/he uses are not separate from each other and I evaluate all of them together in my judging.

This art critic finally said: These days that I met Mojtaba Mousavi, the secretariat of Tehran’s Sculpture Symposium, I found out that he tries so hard for his country in sculpture field. When an artist leaves his work for a while to help with holding a symposium or other events, for the development of art in his country, is such a great sacrifice, and I believe that this sacrifice brings about the growth and development of Iran’s sculpture, and I think it will be continued. 

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