Be Free Like a Bird

Fatemeh Bahman Siahmard

“Be Free Like a Bird” is a volumetric artwork on a stone pedestal. The pedestal on which the structure is placed, shows the least amount of artist’s intervention. However, the lack of artist’s presence in this part was on purpose and it was his own choice. Even the stone of the pedestal has still its own mineral color and it seems it has been taken from a greater stone, and it has not been changed much. However, the main part of the artwork, which is made carefully and symmetrically, is in a sharp contrast with its pedestal.  This volume is rough and it has holes. This artwork looks like a horn placed on a stone, and the horn is shaped with some vertical lines in the middle. It also looks like a samurai helmet, and it also seems like a living creature’s spine. If we change our angle of vision and look at the artwork from aside, we can see a U like movement in it. From the right and left side to the middle of the artwork, these lines keep getting small as they maintain their Longitudinal distance from each other and make a dead-end corridor; a corridor which becomes smaller and tighter as it goes to the middle. The interesting fact is that these lines in the middle were made in a way that we can see them in the heart of the previous and further lines.

This kind of design can reflect a feeling of traveling to the space and going into the black holes. Because of the existing order and geometry in the artwork, the artwork becomes more visually valuable. The presence of light and shadow, which is cause by its U shape form, and the white and opaque color creates a design like feeling with the different grey shades for the viewer. However, the stone pedestal gives away this feeling and it reminds us that we have a volume in front of our eyes. This volumetric artwork does not insist on showing anything, and it lets the viewer to decide about it. The curved lines existing below, up, and around the artwork, define the volume and they create borders between the volume and the surrounding environment. Making these borders helps with creating a delicate feeling in the artwork. These tamed and curved lines are in sharp contrast with the stone pedestal. The stone pedestal has lots of rough and broken lined, and this visual and conceptual contrast create an ambiguity in the artwork and it brings up several questions in the viewers’ minds. Why is there such a contrast in the color, texture, and the lines of the artwork? Why is this dilemma created in the volume and the pedestal? And more questions like these. The answers could be as variable as the number of the viewers. However, this artwork is a volume which looks simple, but it has so much complexities in it, and it tells its viewer that he/she needs more time to understand it better.

The artwork relies on its aesthetic aspects, and by maintaining the visual values, and staying away from the focus on looking for meaning, and insisting on reflecting impalpability of the volume, it shows the individual and creative mind of the artist.  

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