Jamshid Moradian: In symposiums, art makes a two-way relationship between the people and the artists

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Jamshid Moradian, the sculptor, payed a visit to the Eighth International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran, and he called this event as being influential for making new relationships between the artists. He also said: Symposium means celeberation and party, and if it does not reflect these meaning, it will not be effective.

He said: In fact, Symposium roots go back to the past when the ancient greeks used to gather around after the dinner and choose a theme, and everybody could express his/her opinion on that theme. This was a real symposium, and a symposium must have a theme.

This artist also said: In a symposium, the artists should be able to perform. In this way, they can put their thoughts and dreams into practice with the symposium’s theme. Then, we can have an integrated Symposium.

Moradian also said: In the events like this, the amount and the type of the material which are given to the artists are the same, and since the symposiums had themes, there were no competitions in them. Of course we had some similar symposiums in which the people felt like being in a party.

He said about the competitive atmosphere of the international symposiums: Unfortunately, these days the symposiums have a competitive atmosphere. In art field we are not allowed to compare the artworks, therefore, this competition is not interesting and there are mostly financial motivations behind them, which I do not see appropriate for the symposiums.

This artists called the close relationship with the people as one of the symposium’s features, and he said: Symposiums are the only places in which the artists put their arts in people’s hearts, therefore, this is basically a good thing which makes art a two-way relationship.

Moradian also mentioned that the symposiums are one of the elements which can make connection between the people and the artists, and people can learn while looking at the procedure of creating an artwork.

He also said: When there is a close relationship between the people and the artists, we can have a more peaceful society, because art can reduce violence rate.

He said: I like holding symposiums, and I believe that the reflection of these events will be more influential than museums and galleries, because when an artist creates an artwork in his own workshop, he can even make the people stressed when he put it into display.

Moradian said: The people’s stress can be because of their feeling of separation from the artists and art world, and the symposiums erase such separations.

He said about the atmosphere of the Eighth International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran: This is a really good opportunity for Tehran to hold this symposium, and I am very happy to see these events happening in my city. However, the symposiums probably have some difficulties to be held, but holding them is the important part. If there was a more available space for the people to see this symposium, it would be better, because symposiums find meanings in making connections with people.

This artists said: With all the admirable efforts for holding this symposium, the people’s share is subtle in it. The symposiums should be introduced with the number of people, because they can be felt closely by the people as they can see the artists, the tools, and the procedure of making the artwork. This event can attract the people who would like to enter in this field and learn.

Moradian explained: In one of the symposiums that I had in France, I saw children coming to our symposium and we explained the procedure of our work to them. Therefore, it would be good to have such programs during Sculpture Symposium of Tehran.

He said about the university students’ section of this symposium: I do not see symposium in the place of education, and I believe this section is for the professional artists, because the people come to this symposium and the sculptures should be created professionally. However, I know we have few professional artists in making stone sculpture, and this section is made for the young sculptors and sculptresses to gain experience.

It should be mentioned that the Eighth International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran is being held in Milad Tower with the support of the Beautification Organization. It will be continued until 14th of May, and it will be open to people from 10:00 to 18:00 every day.

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