The closing ceremony of the fourth light and lighting design festival was held

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran beautification Organization, Dr. Keyhan Mohammadkhani mentioned that the city was beautified with Dr. Alizadeh’s support and the university professors’ collaboration. He also said: I appreciate the judges and the professors who participated in this festival for making a progress in it.

He pointed to the fact that the Beautification Organization is the only organization which mostly supports holding such festivals and the university students. He also said: Several university students and professors are working with the Beautification Organization in different fields.

According to Dr. Mohammadkhani, Tehran Beautification Organization has a crucial role in artistic, cultural, and visual projects in Tehran, and some good changes have been happening during the years of this organization’s acitivity.

The deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization also hoped for holding this festival in the future years with the help of the university students and professors, and he said: I hope that we can do our duty by doing such activities in the city.

Later on in this ceremony, Dr. Mahdavi Nejad, the university professor and the fourth secretariat of light and lighting design, mentioned that this festival was held during the best time of the year such , Sha’abanieh days, which are great days to hold celebrations in. He also said:  The light and lighting festival is counted as a young seedling which had a good procedure as one of the national festivals.

He summarized the procedure of the fourth lighting festival, and he also said: The lighting festival has done something significant. It did not copy the designs from other countries, instead, it gave this opportunity to Iranian artists to design uniquely for Tehran.

According to him, in this festival 1014 artworks were presented to the secretariat, which was a good opportunity for supporting the talented people in Iran.

Dr. Mahdavinejad emphasized on the fact that due to the success of this festival in its fourth period, a good future is expected for it. He also said: I hope that we will be able to hold this festival in a better and stronger way in the future years with the help of Tehran Beautification Organization.

In this festival, Dr. Salmani, who is a member of the judges team, read the names of the selected people in the fourth festival of light and lighting design, and they were given appreciation letters.

It should be mentioned that Babak Seyrafi, Reza Khodadadi, Vahid Choupankareh, Seyyed Reza Mortezaii, Elham Souri, Alinaghi Salmani, Hamid Ziaeyanlou, and Mohammad Abbasi were the judges of this festival.

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