The eighth international sculpture symposium begins on April 21, 2017 (Ordibehesht 1st, 1396)

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Alizadeh mentioned that the eighth international sculpture symposium will be held from April 21st to May 14th in Milad Tower. He also said: In this period, 14 foreign artists from 13 countries, and 15 Iranian artists will attend in this symposium on the subject of stone material in Milad Tower.

He emphasized on this fact that these artists have signed up for this symposium last year, and he said: After they sent their designs to the secretariat, we have selected some of them.

Dr. Alizadeh pointed that this symposium is in three sections of international, national, and university students. He also said: In this symposium, there are 14 artists in international section, 5 artists in profession artists section, and 10 artists in university student section.

The CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization said about the university student section: This section is made for university students to gain experience and learn new things, and it is usually held in a non-competitive way.

According to Dr. Alizadeh, there is competition in profession artists’ section. We have decided to have 5 Iranian artists to keep the hosting standards, and that is while in other countries the number of the host artists are higher than the other countries in such symposiums.

He mentioned that 187 artists have signed up from 53 counties in this period of the symposium and they have sent their designs. He also said: The art council selected 12 artists and 2 other ones, who have different type of material for making sculptures.

According to Tehran Beautification Organization, these artists are from the counties like Italy, Spain, Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Japan, Armenia, Germany, and Lithuania.

Dr. Alizadeh pointed to the fact that the material of this year is stone, and he said: The main material of Tehran symposium is stone. The artists in this symposium will use Gohareh stone, and there will be some other artworks made of Granite for the artists to gain experience; The 2 artists who are good at working with this kind of stone will be here in this section.

He said about the change of the material in this period: Last year, we have held the symposium with iron material, because the artists were experienced in this field, but this year we will not have another material.

According to Dr. Alizadeh, the eighth international sculpture symposium will be continued until May 14th, however the group workshop work will only be until May 13th and on May14th there will be the closing ceremony. 

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