Ghobad Shiva: Young artists’ presence in “Baharestan” event is pleasant

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Ghobad Shiva, an experienced graphic designer, supported the second annual event of “Baharestan”, and he called it as a positive art event. He also said: In my opinion, the events like “Baharestan” are very good and this is also good when some government organizations, like Beautificatio Organizaion, attempt to beautify the city for Norouz. They make some changes, which is adorable, and I hope this will become better year by year.

He said: I believe, Norouz eggs section in “Baharestan” is very interesting and people welcomed it very well. Because the people were faced with a new atmosphere in which there were some new and creative designs.

This experienced artists also said: There should be more events like “Baharestan”, because these kind of events create an artistic atmosphere for people and move them toward new and creative ways.

Shiva pointed to people’s positive feedback on the second annual event of “Baharestan” and, he said: The effectuality of “Baharestan” artworks can only be seen when it is not held for one year. In fact, at that time, the people will feel the lack of such event in the society.

He also mentioned: I think the way they designed and produced this year’s artworks, was better than the last year and I believe that continuing this event will help it to improve year by year.

This artists called the presence of the young artists in this field as pleasant, and he said: It is really enjoyable for me to see the young people working in this field all over the city, and I have also seen the people enjoying the presence of artworks in the city and they ask some questions from the artists out of their curiosity. 

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