Saeed Shahlapour: “ Baharestan” is successful because of the managers who love art and urban affairs

According to the public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Saeed Shahlapour, the experienced sculpture, called the second Baharestan annual event as positive and he called Norouz as a very important occasion for all Iranian people. He also said: Norouz  is a very important ceremony for all Iranians, therefore, everyone attempts to welcome spring by beautifying his/her environment. He said: Naturally, Tehran Beautification Organization is responsible to beautify the city by planting flowers and doing cultural and artistic projects, and “Baharestan” event has been held to this aim.

This sculpture said: “Baharestan” completes the beautification of the city, so that we can have a happy and ceremonial space with the help of different artists’ creativity in visual arts field.

Shahlapour also said: Different artists use to be employed in previous years, but none of them was coherent and powerful like “Baharestan” annual event. Thus, this is natural to see people’s taste level increased by doing such projects.

He called continuance as the key success of “Baharestan” event, and he said: “Baharestan” annual event should be continued every year, and I hope that the managers will not be replaced like in the other cultural and artistic projects.

This experienced artist said: One of the main reasons of the recent years successes in beautifying the city was the managers who loved art and urban affairs. Beautification Organization has used their professionality in different fields, which is very important.

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