Fatemeh Goudarzi: “Baharestan” is the most influential and cultural project of the country

Fatemeh Goudarzi, the experienced cinema, theater, and television actress, supported the second “Baharestan” annual, and she said about the influences of using young artists for beautifying the city: In my opinion, “Baharestan” is one of the best, influential, cultural, and artistic projects which makes people connect each other with the least known art genres such as murals, sculpture, and environmental arts. This event has been developed since last year and the city has a beautiful, artistic and happy face now which changes the citizens’ mood.

This experienced actress emphasized on supporting young artists and said: The young artists need financial and mental support for their improvement and “Baharestan” annual event supported these young artists by selecting qualified people for presenting in this artistic event. This should not be limited only to this annual event and it should happen in all situations and seasons of the year.

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