Ali Molagholipour: “Baharestan” event has turned Tehran into a grand and rich gallery

Ali Molagholipour, the young director of cinema, pointed to the Beautification Organization’s support for the cultural and artistic activities in the city, and to the influences of using young artists’ artworks in beautifying the city. He said: One of the organizations which supported young artists and performed cultural activities in the recent years, is Tehran Beautification Organization. I believe that having Baharestan event in a crowded city like Tehran, brings about an artistic and happy city.

He also said: These days, Tehran City has turned into a grand and rich gallery of different artworks because of Baharestan annual event.

Rasoul Molagholipour’s son, Ali, emphasized on the variety of “Baharestan” artworks, and said: This event, which is being performed by the best artists, is not limited to a certain area or space. We can even see the traces of this beautiful event in the highways and the walls of the bridges which can be seen by the drivers and the citizens. I hope that by beautifying Tehran city and letting it being seen by the foreigners, we will have a proper advertisement for attracting tourists to Tehran City.

Last modified on Saturday, 08 April 2017 04:49

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