Secretariat of the welcome-spring campaign discussed:

TBO’s activities in spring

Installation of 162 sculptures, organizing 15000 flags, 100000 square meters of cultural ads, modification and refurbishment of 90000 square meters of wall paintings and holding beautification festival of buildings’ views, were among the top activities of Tehran Beautification Organization during this year’s spring.

Secretariat of the welcome-spring campaign, Hadi Mozaffari pointed out the covered activities so far and added: “these new elements are installed in the city entrances, specific locations for tourism, parks, main squares, main intersections and etc. which all of them are related to Noruz (New Persian year) & also Fatemieh decade (A religious ceremony for Muslims). International affairs and public relations of TBO reported.

“so far 70000 square meters of wall painting has been covered all over the city to ameliorate and revive the capital city Tehran.” He continued.

“Among the wall painting activities, TBO has considered refurbishment and modification of portraits of Iranian martyrs all over the city and renovation of these works of art has only taken 15 days to finish.”


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