16000 spring ads in Tehran

Environmental advertisement manager of the welcome-spring campaign for Tehran Beautification Organization stated that more than 15000 flags in different sizes have been installed all over the city.

Environmental advertisement manager of the welcome-spring plan, Dr. Reza Baqeri stated that the accordance of Noruze, the new Persian year with the Fatemieh week, one of the Muslims religious ceremonies, has changed the usual design of these flags to cover the both events at the same time. And also to maintain the unity and similarity of these kinds of activities all over the city, the approvals of the socio-cultural committee have also been declared to all of the 22 districts.

He also added that 100 billboards, 10 bridge advertisements and 40 portable stands have been placed all over the city to showcase these two events. The maximum number of installations has been in the district 2 and the minimum of them in the district 10 of municipality.


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