New book unveiled

Deputy of planning and development of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) Dr. Isa Alizadeh, Hamidreza Haji Hosseini Gazestani, Saeed Rahimnejad, book translators and senior managers of Tehran Beautification Organization were among the participants in the unveiling ceremony of a book entitled “This is the thought of our services”.

Deputy for planning and development of TBO, Dr. Isa Alizadeh stated that there are not sufficient books in this field and added: “despite a short delay in the translation process and also in the publication of the book, this is great to see the result of our translators’ efforts. International affairs and public relations of TBO reported.

During this ceremony, Saeed Rahiminejad stated that this book is a valuable approach toward designing services and appreciated TBO’s efforts in this field.

Hamidreza Haji Hosseini Gazestani, one of the translators of this book stated a selection of approaches toward similarities and differences of different fields about services are discussed in this book.


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