Socio-cultural effects of Enqelab Sq refurbishment

A session was held to evaluate the socio-cultural effects of the central statute of Enqelab Sq. and refurbishment of its surroundings with the participation of representatives from municipality’s general office for socio-cultural studies, project operator, project observer and a number of TBO’s managers and officials.

Ismaeil Jahani, the project councilor stated that Enqelab’s current situation, disorder of signs, aesthetic problems, old constructions and buildings, traffic and lack of enough security have raised this project to cover the central element of the square and also refurbishment of its surroundings to help clear the mentioned obstacles. International affairs and public relations of TBO reported.

The project observer divided the project plans into main and specific categories and said: “the main goal is to turn the current situation of this zone in to the ideals of the project based on aesthetic aspects, considering sidewalks, security, and economic boost and improving social interactions. Also the specific aspects can be refurbishment and removal of visual pollution and reviving the views and preserving the cultural identity in this district.”


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