Reza Kianian:

Tehran with better highways than LA

The Iranian artist, Reza Kianian believes that despite the efforts to beautify the city and the highways, towers are big obstacles to achieve the final goals such as Blue sky.

During the beautification day ceremony in Milad Tower, Kianian stated that Tehran Beautification Organization has done a lot of activities for Tehran and said: “I wish that with multiple seminars and exhibition, besides the technical experts, citizens can get to know the activities of this organization.

He added that Tehran’s highways are much nicer than those in LA and continued: “besides the beautification activities, TBO carries another responsibility which is removing ugliness and urban problems as the constructions in the city has caused a lot of problems so far.”

TBO should use law enforcement to prevent these kinds of harmful constructions.

He pointed out the “Blue Sky-Clean Earth plan and said: “the urban constructions have destroyed the Blue sky plan and also have stopped the entrance of winds in the city, while all over the world the towers are constructed in a specific place and the old buildings are being save, and this process is a part of beautification as well.

Former managing director of TBO, Seyed Javad Shushtari, deputy mayor for urban planning and development, Salahi, Abbas Jadidi, member of Tehran’s city council and artists such as Reza Kianian, Naser Takmil Homayun, Abdoljabar Kakaei, Ibrahim Haqiqi, Eskandar Mokhtari, Jalil Rasuli and Hamid Shans were among the participants.

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