Secretariat of the welcome-spring campaign of TBO:

“Blue Sky, Clean Earth” TBO’s main goal in spring

Secretariat of the welcome-spring campaign of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) stated that all of the activities of TBO are based on “Blue Sky, Clean Earth” campaign which tries to organized the city and added: “This campaign has been kicked off for months and so far has been successful to gain valuable achievements.”

In the news conference for the analysis of welcome-spring plan activities mentioned that the 100000 square meters of Tehran’s walls which contain problems, will be covered with 60 different paintings.

He mentioned that after the painting biennial, the secretariat of the festival received 1800 works of art and 200 of them were qualified to enter the exhibition of this event. During the first phase of the welcome-spring plan, 50 walls were painted with sacred subjects.

Mozaffari, who is also the cultural and urban arts deputy of TBO, stated that preparation of 160 sculptures for installation in the city, is not an easy task and added: “during the sculpture part of this plan, it was decided that TBO identifies the installations locations and then based on the requirements of the selected environments, the artists design and make their sculptures. Therefore around 40 typography works of art will be installed in the city.

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