Selected sculpture for Enqelab Sq.

The head of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Jamal Kamyab, stated that TBO has started the required programs and plans for the sculpture of Enqelab Sq. from January 2014 and added: “among the received works of art, the proposed work by Ruhollah Shamsizadeh and Hossein Shenavar selected as the top model.”

He stated that TBO has asked the artists to send their proposed sculpture model for Enqelab Sq. and added: “beside this call, TBO has asked prominent sculptor artists to design this sculpture and so far. 105 works have been sent to the secretariat office.” International affairs and public relations of TBO reported.

The referees’ committee for this event consists of Mohammad Beheshti, Mehdi Chamran, Habib Allah Sadeqi, Mehdi Hojjat, Taher Sheikh al Hokamaei and Mohammad Hossein Halimi.


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