In the joint session of TBO managers and participants of the lighting conference unveiled:

2 new books on lighting

A joint session was held between TBO managers and participants of lighting conference.

Care taker for deputy mayor of urban services, Mansoor Baqersad, head of Tehran Beautification Organization, Jamal Kamyab, deputies of TBO and national and international participants were among the participants in this joint session, where lighting projects, especially in historical context were discussed. International affairs and public relations of TBO reported.

“Despite TBO’s measurements so far, to lighten and revive the city during nights, new ideas, plans and designs are required to cover Tehran, which is a vast city.” Kamyab said.

“New ideas and suggestions which can affect the historical structures and locations of our city, are welcomed widely, and I wish that this conference creates effective achievements.” He added during the ceremony.

Caretaker for deputy mayor of urban services, Baqersad, stated that our city wants us to cooperate and benefit from each other’s views and added: “Illumination engineering is an effective element in urban design, which can bring happiness to the city with correct planning.”

“Conferences like this, can help the exchange of ideas and experiences, and also clarify the common needs of citizens”. He continued.

Member of borderless lighting association, Jose Narboni, stated that Tehran has taken great measurements in urban lighting and part of this city, which has maintained its past context, can become more attractive with illumination projects.

At the end of this ceremony, TBO unveiled two new translated books, entitled “landscape lighting” which is written by Rodger Narboni and translated by Yasaman Moslehi and another book “urban districts’ lighting” which is written by Christofan Santan, which is translated by Kaveh Ahmadian and Parisa Maqsood.


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