Approved by the art council of TBO:

TBO installs 5 sculptures in district 19

The weekly session of TBO’s art council was held with the sculptors, painters and graphic masters and university professors in the municipality district 19.

Cultural and urban arts deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO), Hadi Mozaffari has stated that TBO’s art council holds weekly sessions in all 22 districts of Tehran. These meetings aim to familiarize the members with needs and existing cultural and social requirements of all the districts in Tehran and also create successful interaction between districts and the art council.

“The art council has approved the installation of 5 sculptures in district 19 along with modification for the edges of Mahallati Bridge.” Mozaffari stated.

“Some of the districts in Tehran have fewer shares of urban arts and TBO tries to hold the art council meetings in such districts to boost their condition.”


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