The sculptor artist, Behruz Daresh said:

Sculptures affect ideas

The sculptor artist, Behruz Daresh, stated that art alone is not enough to remove the visual pollution in a city and added: “the city is formed by categories which are connected together, and they make sense beside each other.”

He stated that sculptures are part of these categories and are in direct visual connect with the citizens, and during time, affect the ideas of the citizens.

Daresh mentioned that sculptures alone cannot wipe out the city of visual pollution and continued: “the small number of installed sculptures all over the city, have created a nice atmosphere for the citizens.”

“Most of the installed sculptures have been designed for specific locations, a fact which has not been observed completely for finding the place of installation.” “the sculpture symposiums and the biannual events have increased the quality and number of sculptures in the city.” Daresh said.


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