Member of cultural commission of Parliament:

Municipality support continues for art events

Holding sculpture symposiums by municipality should continue, as art is a common concept between people, and should be used to transfer Islam and Iran concepts to the world.

Kiaei Nejad, member of cultural commission of Parliament said: “after emerge of Islam in Iran, Iranians have done great especially in the field of visual arts, as the paintings and writings and sculpture of Iranians in Safavieh era are significant”.

“In the current world, art is a tool to introduce the potentials and capabilities of one country to the others, and yet, in most of the fields of art, Iranian artists are on top levels despite lack of usage of inappropriate concepts”

“Western countries try to show a brutal and non-human face of Iran to the world, and we have to use opportunities like this, to show the true face of our country”. Kiaei Nejad added.

He continued: “activities like this should continue in internal and external aspects and there should be exhibitions and symposiums in the city environment too”.

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