With the presence of Deputy Mayor, Abdollahi, officially inaugurated:

Mahallati bridge illumination

The illumination of Mahallati Bridge, in the intersection of Imam Ali and Mahallati highways, officially opened with Deputy Mayor Abdollahi and managers of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO).

According to international and public relations office of TBO, Mahallati Bridge is one of the main entrances of Tehran, which has received illumination.

Mahallati highway consists of two sides, each of them with three speed lines, and three main bridges are located above it in different intersections. Mahallati Bridge is the main and most important one, which has received its lighting with 7350 meters of Flex neon.

Also 2806 lamps for the columns and 4200 meters light have been used to beautify the edges of the bridge.

TBO has tried to match the illumination project with traditional context of this region.

Mahallati Bridge in the intersection of Imam Ali and Mahallati highways, besides receiving lighting, to look beautiful, has received the required safety for traffics.


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