The veteran caricaturist, Kambiz Derambacksh said:

Establishment of sculpture museum

Iran’s vetetran caricaturist, Kambiz Derambacksh, has asked Medias to highlight Tehran sculpture symposiums and said: “the importance of this event is clear as the reason behind it is to familiarize people with art and can be named as a new season for the relation between citizens and art”.

According to Derambacksh, sculpture art needs more support and attention, and based on the positive activities in this field, we need to establish a sculpture specified museum. Also locating and installation of sculptures is a scientific activity which has not received the required attention so far. International and public relations office of TBO reported.

He added: “those in charge of locating and installing sculptures in urban environments need to have academic education as this is not a simple task and the sculpture should suit the installation environment”.

“Those who work without pride and academic education are interesting for me. Artists around the world have always been interested in Mexico, Africa and Maya sculptures and have inspired from them in their works. I myself found Hassan Hazer Moshar who was selling his wooden sculptures in a street and I helped him to hold exhibitions to become well-known nowadays”. Derambacksh continued.

Regarding the relation of comedy and sculpture with stone, Derambacksh stated: “these sculptures have a hidden comedy within their deep layers. Inside the stone, there is a soft and delicate form that sculptor needs to reveal it. Every sculpture at first is only a design, and the sculptor needs to be a designer. All the aspects of visual arts are connected to each other just like a chain. In my exhibition in November 2014 which is called “art & artist” I have two designs which are related to sculpture.  In one of them I have painted different sculptures in gallery environment however all of the people are gathered around a stone which has not been carved yet.”

The 6th Tehran International sculpture symposium started from 14 Sep 2014 and will last till 7 Oct 2014 in the enclosure of Milad Tower. Public visit is free.

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