Symposium sculptures in a Tehran Park

All of the created sculptures in the 6th Tehran international sculpture symposium will be installed in one of parks of Tehran.

Cultural and urban arts deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO), Hadi Mozaffari stated that the exact location is not decided yet. International and public relations office of TBO reported.

Mozaffari added: “we have considered both options, whether to distribute the final sculptures throughout the city, so that each one of them can be a representative art in the city, or in a symbolic point of view, all of these works of art have been created together and can complete each other when all of them stand in a location together.

“I consider these under construction sculptures, as a young person, which prepares for the rest of life. The stone of these sculptures have all been selected form top of one hill and have an identical essence, which I am not willing to separate them after the symposium”. Hadi Mozaffari said.

Regarding the location for sculptures, he further continued: “I don’t think that these works of art stay in the enclosure of Milad Tower, and also Chitgar Park, which was our first option to hold the symposium, can hardly be considered to receive the sculptures. At the moment we are looking for a Park in Tehran with great environment and lighting conditions. Also we are looking forward to a different closing ceremony which the specific date and place for that is not decided yet, but we are planning a ceremony to host more people”.

“Creation of a work of art, which is obtained from creativity and mind of a human is interesting. But when this event turns to a symposium and multiple artists gather to work side by side, it becomes more attractive” said Hadi Mozaffari, pointing out the effects of symposium on culture and urban arts.

The 6th Tehran International sculpture symposium started from 14 Sep 2014 and will last till 7 Oct 2014 in the enclosure of Milad Tower. Public visit is free.

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