Regarding the related law to advertisements for businesses held:

Educational workshop

The educational workshop regarding legal specifications of advertisement for carriers was held with TBO managers and the observers of all 22 districts in the house of “human science philosophers”.

According to international and public relations office of TBO, Monavari, manager of advertisement for carriers for deputy of advertising and revenue, stated that during the past years one of the issues for city council and senior urban managers, has been removal of visually disturbing signs all over the city and added: “in some districts based on a plan called “to welcome spring” pilots and experimental activities have been performed”.

He continued: “these plans have been welcomed greatly but in some districts, we have faced legal problems, while we have good legal frameworks which can be applied in most of the cities”.

Monavari further stated that the first rule regarding the signs and advertisement was approved in 1986 in two sections, declaring that any locating and installation of advertisement signs, requires permit from Municipality.

He continued: “another act also approved in the current year by the City Council, which summarizes all of existing approvals so far”.

Based on paragraphs 14, 25 and 27 of article 55 in Municipalities law, Monavari said: “statistics show that 94 percent of shopkeepers cannot change the signs of their shops by themselves”.


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