City Theater to glow in light

Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) and ministry of Islamic culture and guidance cooperate to lighten the City Theater.

“Regarding the importance of the City Theater and its lighting project, a meeting was held in the office of managing resources and development deputy of ministry of Islamic culture and guidance to discuss this matter and boost the speed of the project” said technical and urban design deputy of TBO, Hamidreza Nili, according to TBO international and public relations office.

He continued: “TBO has the selected proposed design of the famous French designer Alen Guyo, regarding the lighting project of City Theater, while there are three other suggested designs from three different companies, proposed by the representatives of City Theater to TBO for further analysis”.

After the introduction of trustee artists and representatives of City Theater to TBO, a committee which includes experts and representatives of two sides will be formed to analyze the four proposed lighting plans for City Theater.

Nili stated that the lighting project, should be the last step toward furbishing the City Theater complex and added: “we have asked the City Theater officials, to postpone the lighting project, till all the modifications, repairs and furbishing steps are finished”


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