The participant in the 6th Tehran sculpture symposium, Marzieh Darbanian:

Symposium & Exchanging ideas

The participant in the student’s part of the 6th Tehran sculpture symposium has stated that she offers a bird shape abstract work of art and added: “in this abstract from I have tried to show the symbol of flying, which somehow, conveys tranquility”.

“This form, which is mostly obtained from Islamic drawings, starts from a point and ends in its peak, trying to transfer the tranquility in the traditional Persian art to the viewers” said Darbanian, according to TBO international and public relations office.

Darbanian mentioned that this is the 2nd time she participates in the symposium, pointing out her participation in the student’s part of the wood symposium and continued; “this work of art is inspired from Iranian art and tries to convey flying and spirituality which lies beneath the Iranian art:.

“Symposiums can introduce contemporary sculptor artists and also show how the sculptures are made, and participation in the student’s part, provides the opportunity to use the experiences of the masters in this field” said the sculptor artist, Darbanian.

The 6th Tehran sculpture symposium will be held on 14 Sep 2014 in the enclosure of Milad Tower.

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