Strategic manager for trimming and modification of Enqelab zone declared:

Tehran University Portal Lighting

Along with modification and improvement of Enqelab zone, Tehran University Portal will receive lighting.

According to TBO international and public relations office, strategic manager for trimming and modification project of Enqelab zone, Seyed Mohsen Hashemi declared that Tehran University lighting gives credit and identity to the whole area and said: “as Tehran university portal is located in the Enqelab zone, it will be a part of modification and trimming process”.

Hashemi mentioned that in the projects like this, the current art and identity in the environment will be improved and added: “some of the nice views of Vartanian buildings, entrances of Bahman, Sepideh, Pars and Central cinemas and also the Tehran City Theater, as the identity symbols in this zone of Tehran will be lcovered with light”.

According to Hashemi, trimming and modification of Enqelab zone, includes the area from Jamalzadeh crossroad to Valiasr crossroad, and omission of visually disturbing signs, washing the views of buildings, modification of signs of shops, designing urban furniture, providing light for sidewalks and restoration of valuable and old buildings are among the considered activities.


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