To be held in September 2014 in Tehran:

6th Intl Sculpture Symposium

The editor of the 6th Tehran Intl sculpture symposium, mojtaba Mousavi declared that this event will be held from 14 Sep till 6 Oct 2014.

According to TBO public relations office, Mousavi stated on the importance and validity of this event in the world and said: “regarding its importance, we have tried to hold this even in the best way possible”.

Mousavi mentioned that based on the policies of this even, professional Iranian and foreign artists will compete with each other, while in the main part 11 Iranian and 12 foreign artists and in the university students part, 10 students have been participated.

He continued: “75 Iranian and 173 foreign artists have registered in this event while after the evaluation process these numbers reduced respectively to 11 and 12, which the basis of this selection was manly the proposed plans of the artists”.

He also mentioned that 43 students in the field of sculptor have registered in this event which after the evaluation process 10 of them succeeded to enter the symposium with the following names: Parisa Haghiri, Zinat Alsama Arasian, Hossein Kahfi, Alireza Barzegar, Niloufar Nazari, Moslem Salar Mohammadi, Saeed Mahmoudi, Shima Tajbakhsh, Ramin Karimi and Marzieh Darbanian.

Mousavi stated that just like the previous events, students will be assigned as the assistants of the professional artists in the main part, and for this matter 23 university students in the field of sculptor have been selected.

The evaluating council for 6th Tehran Intl sculpture symposium consists of Iraj Mohammadi, Hamid Shans, Ghodratollah Memarian, Mohammadreza Zabihallah Zadeh and Mohammad Reza Yazdi with the head of TBO, Dr Jamal Kamyab as the head of this event.

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