An article by L. Soltani

District Based Managerial Perspective


One of the most important approaches to the new comprehensive design of the metropolitan Tehran is to transform the municipality in to a social unit, which will cause more cooperation between citizens and this organization, while the districts and their roles in managing the city will be on top spot.

It is a great idea to put the districts and district based management in the center of attention and this requires a plan, design, template and a district based perspective to reach the related goals. While this matter was not that successful in the first and second level of the descriptive documents, as it suffered from the lack of enough knowledge and study of history, economy and etc. on the third level the basis of structural-operational and leading documents became the development of 22 districts of Tehran.

This article tries to fill the gaps of the descriptive plan in the field of urban studies and also matching the district based plans, study them and introducing them as matter which can be understood by the citizens.


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