Tehran preparations for Nowruz, 250 sculptures

As the nature was getting prepared for changes coming by the spring, Tehran city was also getting a whole new appearance for its visitors and residents. Jumping red fish, traditional symbols of Nowruz, Persian famous new year's Haft-seen annunciated the arrival of spring.

TBO's deputy of Urban Arts, Barzin Zarghami, said in preparations for the Nowruz holidays, more than 250 urban sculptures with different subjects were installed throughout the city. He said, "our policy has been aimed at reviving the urban spaces and we prepared the city for all other national and religious events with the same approach".

He said Tehran does not have the required amount of urban pleasure spaces for people to stop and take rest and Tehran municipality is trying to provide this space by adding to the walkways and sidewalks in the whole city.

He appreciated active participation of university professors and students in designing the sculptures and their setup and hoped for closer cooperation and great achievements in this area in the new year.

Last modified on Sunday, 08 April 2012 09:07

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