Fences & Urban Perspective - J. Rahmatpanah, N. Almasifar


The aim of this research is to study the current fences in Tehran from the citizens and architects point of view and with the current principles and these opinions reach an ideal plan can be achieved.

To start with this research, city has been divided to main joints of the city or Squares, Streets, and public places like parks, shopping centers, libraries, etc. the research method in the field of theoretical literature and history is descriptive and analytical and the sample is case selective and data have been gathered with field studies method. The method goes on with surveys and direct observation and the information obtained from the libraries and analysis of data was qualitative-descriptive.

In the area of case selective sampling base on the mentioned categories, the required data have been gathered from Saii, Jamshidieh, Shafaq and Laleh Parks, contemporary arts museum, art and culture path, Vanak, Enqalab and Valiasr Squares and also Chamran, Kordestan and Jalal Ale ahmad highways and Enqelab street.

The results show that the improper color and height of fences have negative effect on the citizens’ feeling toward the city and are only considered as a matter of safety, and not a visual effect of surroundings.


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