“Aras” Free Zone, City perspective analysis (H.Kalantari Khalilabad, S. Abazarlu)

Aras Free Zone, City Perspective analysis


The importance of the city perspective is that it reveals all the concepts in it, like a text, ready to be read, and to understand the problems.

Also it contains elements which help to analyze the clearness of visual aspects. Because having a clear image of the environment, plays an important role to cause security, improving experience and also better transfer abilities.

The aim of this article is to analyze the clearness of visual aspects and the continuity of environmental elements in “Aras” free zone (one of the tourist regions).

The structure of this zone has been analyzed with applying the field research and also the SWOT method, and then, to gain the view of the residents, the survey method has been applied.

The results show that despite the complex shape of some of the streets and Alleys, the residents have a clear understanding of the environment and the simplicity of the city, cause a sense of uniformity in the viewer.

The mentioned matter shows the dependence of the individuals to the visual qualities of the environment and its perspective has caused desirability and connection of the residence to all the routs and public sites.

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