In the mutual session between members of sculptor’s society and TBO declared

City demands more sculptures

A common meeting held between members of sculptor’s society and CEO of Tehran’s Beautification Organization (TBO)

According to TBO Public Relations Department, in this session CEO of Tehran’s Beautification Organization, Dr. Jamal Kamyab, Caretaker of Department for Urban Arts and Cultural Affairs of TBO, Mr. Hadi Mozafari and members of the sculptor’s society have discussed the importance of sculptures and their required attention in the city.

Caretaker of Department for Urban Arts and Cultural Affairs of TBO, Mr. Hadi Mozafari, said that with the current changes, TBO aims to apply works of art in the city more than before and added: “we have made changes in the specialized councils, and we hope to receive a positive outcome from them”.

Saying that the value of sculptures has improved in the city management, he added: “great participation of university professors in councils and group works in the organization, raise the hope for a new era in the field of sculptor art”.

According to Mozafari, the gathering of the sculptor’s society members along with city officials show exactly, that group work and cooperation is required to improve the city environments.

Mozafari stressed that TBO is not the custodian of sculptures and said: “TBO has the greatest number of orders for sculptures in the country and sculptor’s society cooperation with TBO can improve this field”.

Indicating that city environments require more sculptures, he added: “ordering sculptures to artists outside of the sculptor’s society will harm this filed and I think with the society’s help, we can decrease these damages”. He also mentioned that if the artistic societies are not dynamic, we have to refer to individuals to make the sculptures, therefore we hope to see new events in this field and TBO order all its requirements to sculptor’s society.

Mozafari indicated that some of the city Squares are waiting for a long time to receive a sculpture and said: “the perspective of TBO toward the improvement of city squares requires the cooperation of Sculptors’ society”.

He mentioned Enqelab, Valiasr, Sanaat, Rahahan and Pastor Squares as environments which have benefited from special ideas and knowledge, to receive the right sculptor’s installation.

During the meeting, one of the members of Tehran Sculptor’s society, Sheikh al Hokama, referring to the annual symposium hold by TBO, said that these events have been successful to increase the quantity of sculptures all over the city.

Mentioning the new changes in the Department for Urban Arts and Cultural Affairs of TBO, Sheikh al Hokama said: “I wish that the new changes and new opportunities can have good effects in the City and sculptor art”.

He stressed the importance and effectiveness of the members of sculptor’s society and added: “I wish that with TBO cooperation, creativity and ability of the members of this society can be used and applied and members can have a bolder participation in this field”.

Meanwhile, the sculptor artist, Shahlapur, stated that understanding of the one who gives the sculpture orders is important and said: Being familiar with art, for those who give art orders, make this matter clear that if you want something to be done, you have to give it to the right person”.

Shahlapur also mentioned that the one who gives artistic work orders, has a great role to improve sculptor industry and also the artist himself, and meanwhile, the role of university to train great artists should not be forgotten.

Hoping for improved cooperation between city management and sculptor’s society, Shahlapur added: “we hope that the new management in the Department for Urban Arts and Cultural Affairs pays more attention to Tehran’s sculptures and the efforts can improve this field in the whole country”.

According to this sculptor artist, the potentials in this field should not be wasted.

At the end of this meeting, the sculptor’s exhibition was held in the Barg gallery with the members of sculptor’s society and Caretaker of Department for Urban Arts and Cultural Affairs, Mr. Hadi Mozafari.


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