TBO Plans to Implement Lighting Project at Sepahsalar Mosque

Tehran Beautification Organization plans to implement a lighting project at Sepahsalar mosque in southern Tehran.

TBO Deputy Head for Urban Plans said the illumination project has been designed with the aim of restoring the historical texture of the mosque.
Nili described the Sepahsalar Mosque as one of the tourist attractions of the Iranian capital.

“Tehran Beautification Organization is in charge of maintaining the mosque and providing proper conditions for making it look more conspicuous, he reiterated.

The Sepahsalar Mosque also known as Motahari Mosque is the largest Mosque in Tehran. It lies in southern Tehran near Baharestan Square.

With its distinctive eight minarets is an important Qajar era landmark. The Mosque was built through the largess of Nasser od-din Shah`s Grand Vizier, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Commander-in-Chief (Sepah Salar) Mirza Hossein Khan.

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