“Citizens’ Awareness of Urban Beautification Should Be Promoted”

Member of Tehran City Council Masoumeh Abad says the activities carried out by Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization in “Welcome Spring Project” raised the awareness of people about urban beautification and boosted their participation in such activities. Masoumeh Abad described “Welcome Spring Project” as a new plan which was aimed at highlighting citizens’ social responsibilities regarding the urban spaces. She also hailed the timing of the project and said the beginning of the New Persian Year was the best time to implement the project. Member of Tehran City Council said urban projects like “Welcome Spring Project” can play a significant role in boosting public participation in urban projects. “Such activities can significantly boost the participation of the citizens in urban affairs. The city belongs to the people and is built by the people. We cannot build a city by law. Regulations and laws need to be observed by the people. That is to say if people fail to respect the law, it is not possible to monitor the enforcement of the law. If people do not contribute to the beautification projects aimed at boosting the urban landscape, the supervisory role of the city council and municipality will be in vain,” Masoumeh Abad concluded.

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