Urban Museum to Be Set Up in Oudlajan

Chairman of Tehran City Council Amad Masjed Jaamei has called for the establishment of an urban museum in Oudlajan, an old neighborhood in central Tehran.


Majed Jaamei made the comments during the unveiling ceremony of a newly published book titled “Tale of Tehran”.


A number of municipal officials including Managing Director of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization Dr. Jamal Kamyab, Senior Tehran Mayor Advisor Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Javad Shoushtari, alongside the authors of the book and a group of Iranian artists took part in the ceremony.


Dr. Majed Jaamei criticized the destruction of old houses in Tehran and said such monuments are part of the city’s cultural heritage. He said Tehran City Council has also allocated a special budget to maintain old buildings in Tehran.


He referred to a recent meeting between the members of Tehran City Council and the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei during which the Iranian Leader called for the protection of Tehran cultural and historical heritage.


Meanwhile, Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization Dr. Jamal Kamyab said appreciated the authors of the book “Tale of Tehran” and said all urban officials should be responsible for the maintenance of the cultural and historical heritage of Tehran join hands in protecting it.



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