“Saving Energy Key Factor in Urban Lighting Projects”

Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization has held an expert-level seminar on urban lighting.

According to the Public Relations Department of Tehran Beautification Organization the seminar was attended by Christoph Gapp, Lighting Design Manager of Bartenbach Company from Austria and Dr. Alizadeh, the Director of TBO Planning and Development Department. The executive managers of TBO’s 22 regional departments along with their deputies and TBO scholars also took part in the seminar which was held at VIP Conference hall at Milad Tower in Tehran.

During the session, Christoph Gapp, Lighting Design Manager of Bartenbach Company from Austria, touched on some his activities in the field of urban lighting and said what is the most important issue in such projects is the answer to the question that how the environment is to be seen.

He referred to one of the projects carried out at Singapore Airport Terminal 3 and said the project was carried out in a way that a kind of balance was created in which natural light was used during day and artificial light was used at night.


Lighting Design Manager of Bartenbach Company said the project has been designed in a way that light is projected in the environment appropriately during sunny and cloudy days.

 He also talked about another lighting project implemented at Egypt Museum in Cairo and said modeling and simulation are among the most important activities that must be carried out before initiating any lighting projects.

 He also referred to some lighting projects launched at Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah Express Train Stations as well as the Grand Mosque in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, and said:


In all of the projects, use of natural light has been highlighted for example rotating mirror system has been used in Kuala Lumpur mosque to reflect sunlight and distribute it equally in the environment.


He also referred to the lighting design used in Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca and said:


“In urban lighting projects, it is important to notice that lighting design should be in harmony with the environment and its elements….for example, for the lighting of the Clock Tower Located adjacent to the Masjid al Haram in Mecca , several factors including day and night light, as well as the height of the tower have been taken into account.”


He also said saving energy is another important issue to be taken into consideration in designing urban light projects.  He said proper lighting can make urban building and space seen better and give them a brighter image.



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