Kirkuk Urban Managers Awarded Certificates for Attending TBO Educational Courses


Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization has awarded certificates to the urban managers and officials of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk for attending a two-day educational course.


This took place during an official ceremony attended by a number of Tehran municipal officials.


During the ceremony, Mr. Hatam Moussa Mohammad, Deputy Mayor of Kirkuk city described the Iraqi delegation's visit to Iran as constructive and officially invited TBO officials to visit his city.


He also hailed the educational course held by TBO as well as the visit to urban projects as positive and said the trip to Iran supplied the Iraqi officials with some constructive experiences in the field of urban management.


TBO held two separate expert-level workshops for the Iraqi delegation.


The workshops covered various issues including promoting urban landscape and lighting urban spaces.


The workshop on promoting urban landscape included three technical panels titled: Promotion of Urban Landscape and Managing Street Perspective through Trimming Excrescences, A Review of Tehran Municipality’s Experiences about Improving the Quality of Façade of Buildings and Urban Landscape, and Enhancing and Organizing Marvi Baazar.


The educational workshop on urban lighting included several technical panels titled Role of Lighting in Promotion of Urban Spaces, Techniques and Methods of Urban Lighting for the Iraqi delegation.


It was aimed at transferring TBO's experiences in the field of urban lighting to the Iraqi officials.


The two-day course was held at Einodoleh Building in Tehran. A delegation of municipal managers from Kirkuk, headed by Mr. Hatam Moussa Mohammad, Deputy Mayor of Kirkuk city took part in the meeting.


The Iraqi delegation also visited several urban projects carried out by TBO as well as Bagh-e-Negarestan, Kamalolmolk Museum, and Milad Tower.


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