Dr. Mofatteh’s Statue Unveiled in Tehran

The statue of Dr. Mohammad Mofatteh, was unveiled in Tehran, at the venue where he was martyred more than three decades ago.

The stature was unveiled during a special ceremony which was attended by a number of Iranian cultural and academic figures including Zahra Mostavavi, daughter of Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hadi Mofatteh, the son of late Dr. Mofatteh, Dr. Farhad Rabar, the Chancellor of Tehran University, Dr. Jamal Kamyab, Managing Director of Tehran Municipality's Beautification Organization, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, Director of Sculpture Department of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization as well as a group of prominent Iranian academicians .

The 1.10 meter stature has already been installed at the gateway of the Faculty of Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies of Tehran University.

The Statue was commissioned by Tehran Beautification Organization and was built by Iranian sculptor Reza Qarabaghi.

Dr. Mofatteh is viewed as the symbol of unity between Iranian universities and religious seminaries.

He was put into jail before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran for his political and religious campaigns against the U-S-backed Shah of Iran.

He was finally assassinated by MKO terrorist group back in 1979.

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