“Names of Cities have Symbolic Relationship with Past Memories”

Swiss architect and university professor Dr. Anna Grichting was one of the lecturers at the expert-level workshop on urban landscape which was held by Tehran Beautification Organization at Barg Gallery.


M.S. Grichting is an architect, urbanist and musician and holds a Doctor of Design from Harvard University

She believes cities have been composed like books and include major collective memories which set up their identity. Dr. Grichting says there is a symbolic relationship between the names of the cities and their past memories.

In her lecture delivered at the technical workshop on natural landscape, Dr. Grichting highlighted three issues of language, strategy and urban limitations and said there is not a precise definition of urban memories and such issues can be categorized into individual and collective memories.

Dr. Grichting also elaborated on culture, and environment and their role in the formation of urban landscape. She described culture as the source of establishment of urban landscape.

She also said collective memories include urban landscapes. Dr. Grichting also said people in many countries such as Germany, Britain and the US have revived the collective memories in their cities. She said urban officials have protected the collective memories at the request of people in such countries.

Grichting also likened city to  a tree and said as the layers of the trunk of a tree indicate its age, diseases, … the age and problems facing a city can be detected in its historical layers. She also said we should not be proud of our past but should rather think about creating new layers of urban spaces.

Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization has held an expert-level workshop dubbed “Natural Landscape, Cultural Landscape, & Collective Memories”.

The event came as part of collaboration between Tehran Beautification, International Federation of Architects, and Association of Iranian Green Space and Landscape Experts.

A number of Iranian and foreign university professors and architects as well as architecture and art students took part in the workshop which was held at Barg Gallery.

The workshop included several technical panels.


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