TBO Sets Up Exhibition to Display Selected Urban Sculpture Designs

Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization has set up an exhibition to display 69 urban sculpture designs selected at the final stage of Designing Urban Sculpture Contest.


The artistic exhibition was held shortly after the final stage of the judgment process of Designing Urban Sculpture Contest has been wrapped up and the names of artists whose designs were selected as top works were announced.

The contest was aimed at collecting artistic works and artists’ proposals in an effort to promote urban culture in the city and pave the way for the active participation of artists in urban projects


69 works from 66 sculptors have been selected and the maquettes of their works were put on display at the exhibition.

The exhibition is underway at Barg Gallery in northern Tehran and will close on December 30th.

Interested parties can visit the exhibition every day (Except holidays) from 9 to 17.

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