“Lighting Enhances Quality of Life in Cities”

Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization’s Deputy Head for Urban Plans and Technical Affairs Dr. Shapour Divsalar believes boosting tourism can help enhancement of nightlife in urban spaces.

He said lighting alone cannot create nightlife and the quality of urban spaces should be improved to enhance nightlife.

Dr. Divsalar made the comments during a meeting on urban lighting which was held at conference hall of Iranian Students’ News Agency in Tehran.

TBO Managing Director Dr. Jamal Kamyab and prominent Iranian anthropologist Nasser Fokouhi also took part in the meeting which was dubbed “ Tehran is not night city.”

Dr. Divsalar stressed that in order to create nightlife in Tehran, first the quality of urban spaces should be promoted.

Dr. Divsalar referred to urban projects which have been carried out in Tehran in recent years and said lack of proper management and planning has prevented formation of nightlife in the Iranian capital.

Dr. Divsalar said Tehran Municipality has had an acceptable performance in carrying out lighting projects and has spared no efforts to improve quality of such activities.

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