“Lighting One of Necessities for Establishing Nightlife in Tehran”

Managing Director of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization Dr. Jamal Kamyab says lighting problem in Tehran is not only limited to lack of light but stems from inappropriate use of light in urban spaces.

Dr. Kamyab described lighting as one of the necessities for establishing nightlife in Tehran and said proper procedures should be implemented in this regard.

Dr. Kamyab made the comments during a meeting dubbed “Tehran is not night city” which was held at the conference hall of Iranian Students’ News Agency in Tehran.

TBO managing director also described visual disorder and lighting pollution as detrimental to night life and said night life in urban spaces should maintain the mental peace and security of the citizens.

Dr. Kamyab also said urban arts can play a major role in the establishment and maintenance of night life in urban spaces.

“Urban arts such as a sculpture or a painting can not have any attraction without lighting. Urban landscape should be maintained both during day and night time. A special visual identity should be specified for the city in which lighting is given a special attention. All of these issues highlight the need for a proper strategy and a certain plan.”

Dr. Kamyab also described lighting as an urban element which should be in harmony with other components of the city.  He said lack of attention to lighting can prevent formation of nightlife and disturb the interaction between the citizens and urban spaces.

Dr. Kamyab also said history, geography and public opinions of local people should be taken into account as far as lighting projects are concerned. He said without highlighting this issue, necessary coordination and harmony among urban elements and urban spaces cannot be established.


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