TBO to Hold Meshkat Beautification Festival

The preparatory meeting on Meshkat Beautification Festival will be held at Qolhak Pardis in northern Tehran.

Managing Director of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization Dr. Jamal Kamyab, Chairman of Tehran’s City Council Dr. Ahmad Masjed Jamei, along with a number of municipal officials and top managers will take part in the meeting.

The meeting comes as part of a joint cooperation between Tehran Beautification Organization and Tehran Municipality’s Cultural and Social Department.

The educational Meshkat beautification festival is aimed at teaching Tehrani citizens how to maintain a beautiful city.

Hossein Vojoodi, the Head of TBO Social and Public Participation Department, said the festival will be held in two professional and amateur levels.

It will have six segments including photography, video, professional posters, animation, graphics, short play and short story.

Vojoodi said 177.092 works have already been delivered of which, 15.623 of them are related to beautification and urban furniture.

He also said 12 organizations affiliated to Tehran Municipality including Transportation of Traffic Organization, Environment and Sustainable Development Bureau, Organization of Green Space and Parks will be involved in this edition of the festival.


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